What is grief?

Welcome to the first lesson in this training programme!

You will notice that each lesson has a range of resources to access - video, workbooks, quizzes and other downloadables. These are designed to vary the content, and provide you with as many tools and references to refer to, both during and after the training.

In each lesson, I'd suggest you watch the video first, and then access the downloadable files to broaden and build on the video content.

Don't miss the reflection questions in the workbooks!

Enjoy the lesson!

Having watched the video, now download the workbook to read, which contains more information and some reflection questions for you to consider in relation to the content.

Sometimes it's useful to have a single page 'swipe file' of key terms as a reminder, or to share with a coaching client. Here's a glossary of the main types of grief covered in the video and workbook.

A pdf of the slides for you in case this is a helpful visual reminder of what was covered in the video

Here's a quick multi-choice quiz to consolidate your learning in the lesson. It's designed to help you - I don't collect the marks or award gold stars, but feel free to award yourself a prize!

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