Are you a professional coach and concerned about how best to help a client who tells you they have experienced a sudden bereavement or significant loss?

Would you like a quick, informative overview of the key things you should know about coaching grief and loss?

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and increased instances of grief and loss emotions experienced, both individually and collectively, it is more likely than ever that grief and loss will need to be considered as part of your current and future coaching engagements.

Get the key information you need, without spending hours researching it yourself, to help you decide how how best to support your coaching client when they tell you they have experienced a significant loss, such as death, divorce or redundancy.

In this masterclass, you will learn

  • typical grief responses and types of loss
  • how these might affect your client
  • 4 grief models and how these help to explain the grief experience
  • advice on how your existing coaching expertise can be modified to support a grief client
  • how to modify your contracting approach,
  • key warning signs to help you identify when a more experienced grief professional might be better suited to help your client.

You will quickly have the most important knowledge you need so you can transfer your existing coaching expertise to best suit the needs of your client.

Please note :- This training is designed for professional coaches with existing coaching qualifications and experience. It assumes core coaching skills and knowledge of a range of coaching tools and techniques are already established. It is designed to ensure you have the right knowledge to determine how best to modify or continue with your existing coaching programme when a loss has occurred (rather than coach an individual through a specific loss event)

Courses specific to HR Professionals/ Managers and Individuals are coming soon. See below for more information and how to join the waitlist.

Here's a short video where I explain the course and what to expect

Not a professional coach?

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Gemma Bullivant PCC FCIPD

I am an ICF qualified coach and HR Consultant, with over 20 years of experience. In 2010, I experienced a sudden bereavement, and although an experienced coach and HR practitioner, was not prepared for my own hugely emotional response and the impact it would have on my ability to do my job.

I have since combined specialist grief and bereavement training with a Masters in Positive Psychology, to add to my coaching qualification and senior HR experience, and now use this blended skillset to offer a range of proactive grief-related wellbeing interventions and programmes to coach and support individuals to positively address and recover from all forms of traumatic change and loss, including redundancy, divorce and bereavement. 

The course content draws on a rich combination of my experience of over 100 grief coaching hours, underpinned by grief and loss training, extensive wider reading and study, and regular relevant CPD training by relevant organisations such as Child Bereavement UK.

"I was introduced to Gemma and her work on grief during the Coronavirus lockdown period.

My coaching practice focuses on helping professionals (women primarily) navigate the transition through parental leave and the return to work as new parents. The lockdown period has exacerbated the emotional experience of this life and career stage, which many have described in terms of grief and loss. 

Gemma shares models and insights that have not only helped me to understand and articulate my own experience of loss, but to feel comfortable to help others navigate terrain that is generating a grief response. Her course is easy to access, practical, packed with value and delivered with Gemma’s naturally articulate conversational style"

Melany Green, Executive Coach

"A brilliant and insightful introductory course for coaches that offers understanding and the 'how to apply' of working with grief within coaching. Gemma makes what can often be a daunting and complex topic applicable and accessible to coaching with full recognition of the seriousness and care that must be applied to coaching grief and loss. A digestible, easy to follow course that is not only rich in content as you go through it, but also provides you with resources you can revisit. An online course that is definitely a worthy investment of time and money."

Laura Archer, L&D Manager & Professional Coach

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When does this course start and finish?

You'll get immediate access. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You have unlimited access to the course materials.

What if I don't know anything about grief and loss?

Don't worry! This course is designed to build on your coaching knowledge and assumes no prior knowledge of grief and loss specifically.

Shouldn't you be a counsellor or psychiatrist to work with grief?

No, not necessarily. Grief isn't classified as a mental illness, and in fact as you'll discover in the free first lesson, it is likely that every one of us has experienced a loss that has triggered grief emotions. You are possibly already coaching grievers, perhaps without even realising it. This course will give you powerful insights on how to do that more effectively and in line with ethical guidelines. The contracting lesson also covers specifics around how to contract with a griever. The warning signs to spot when you should refer a client to another specialist or medical professional are no different to any normal coaching assignment.

Can I coach someone specifically about a bereavement or other traumatic loss after doing this course?

No. While this has lots of information, it is not designed to teach you how to coach a specific grief event. It is designed to ensure you have the right knowledge to determine how best to modify or continue with an existing coaching programme with a client when a loss event has occurred.

Should I do the course in sequential order?

Ideally yes. The lessons build on information in earlier lessons. Once you've done all lessons you can easily dip back into specific lessons for a refresher.

I'm a newly qualified coach - will I have enough experience to benefit from this course?

Yes. Providing you have undertaken formal coaching training, you will have enough grounding in coaching skills to benefit from this CPD.

I'm not a qualified coach. I'm a manager or HR leader who takes a coaching approach to management - should I do this course?

No. I'd recommend you do the course for managers. The content of that course will be more relevant to you as it covers the same core content about grief and loss, but also the context of how this can be applied in the workplace as a manager or HR leader.

I have experienced grief or significant loss myself or want to help someone I know who is grieving - should I do this course?

No. The course for Individuals would be better suited to you and your situation. Email me if you are not sure - [email protected]

Can I really complete this course in an afternoon?

Absolutely! I have collated the most helpful and useful information from a wide range of sources and distilled them into a short course packed with relevant information. You can either do the whole course in one sitting or dip into sections at your own pace.

What if I want more information on a particular topic?

There are resource and wider reading suggestions in the course, so you can deepen your knowledge of a particular section at your own pace. If that doesn't answer your question, you can always email me for more information.

What if I'm not happy with the course?

It's completely risk free with a 30 day window for a full and complete refund.

What do I do if I need help?

Email me on [email protected] with a specific question, or to find out if my masterclass groups or 1:1 coaching support with me might be beneficial.