About the instructor

Hi – my name is Gemma Bullivant

I’ve been a professional coach for over 5 years, and prior to that, I had a long career in HR.

I got into grief coaching by accident, back when (I think it’s safe to say) grief coaching didn’t exist.

In 2010 my mum died unexpectedly. It was absolutely devastating. Plus I had a very demanding senior HR role, and I found it incredibly difficult to return to normal, stay focused and productive, and deliver what I needed.

I struggled to find the right support. The idea of therapy or support groups didn’t appeal to me. When my boss offered me the option of an Executive Coach I jumped at the chance. 

While he was a great executive coach and the coaching was helpful in a broader sense, it didn’t specifically help me with my grief. When I trained as a coach myself a couple of years later, some of the coaching training I did helped me to realise that coaching DOES have a place with grief.

I realised that therapy does not have to be the only option when it comes to grief.

With the right understanding of grief, loss and change, and how these affect us on many levels, a professional coach can be an excellent thinking partner for a griever.

When I talk to coaches about what I do, I’m often left with the impression that many superb professional coaches might shy away from working with a client who has experienced a traumatic loss. They tell me…

·      They’re not sure whether coaching is appropriate for grief

·      They don’t feel equipped or confident in terms of having the right knowledge and understanding

·      They’re overwhelmed by the volume of online resources scattered far and wide and the conflicting advice on the topic

·      They struggle with the lack of any clear guidance on how to approach this sensitive issue

As someone who passionately believes, and has seen for myself, that coaching can be of significant and transformational help to grievers, this is so frustrating!

I decided to launch this course as an introduction to the topic. I was planning to do it this year anyway, but with Covid-19, I’ve accelerated that plan a bit! It is by no means a full and comprehensive guide to all there is to know about coaching grief – I may develop a more detailed course in the fullness of time. But I’ve always had a hurry up driver, and with the Covid-19 situation I wanted condense the most important information to help you feel confident that you can coach a client who is experiencing the impact of grief, change or traumatic loss.

The course is designed to supplement your existing skills as a coach. All of the lessons are specifically tailored to how the content relates to coaching, and your role as a professional coach. I have created other courses for other audiences, so you’ll know you are getting key information that is relevant to you and your coaching practice.

If you are not a professional coach, please check out those other courses, and contact me if you aren’t sure.

If you want to feel confident you know how best to help a coaching client, and not lose important client revenue by turning a paying client away that you absolutely don’t have to, this course is for you.


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